Wait No More – One family’s amazing adoption journey


A little boy who needed a home. An infant girl who needed  mother’s love. A toddler trapped in the insecurity of foster care. A tiny girl without a family. Kelly and John Rosati never expected to adopt four children from the U.S. foster care system. But God’s plan for them turned out to be more extraordinary than they could have dreamed. As you follow Kelly and John on their amazing journey through the child welfare system, you’ll be inspired by the story of how God brought their family together. And you’ll be challenged by the desperate needs of children still waiting for families.

Joining with her husband, John, to tell their story, Kelly Rosati, vie president of Community Outreach and co-founder of Focus on the Family’s Wait No More program, takes you behind the scenes to share her inspiration and passion for the project.

Author: Kelly & John Rosati
ISBN: 978-1-58997-653-5
Count: 1
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