Be Brave! – An activity book for young people who sometimes feel scared or afraid


A Mindful Kids activity book for young people to color and doodle their way to being happy, calm and confident. Use creativity to combat stressful moments, work out worries, and put fear back in its place with the writing and drawing activities.

Coalition Staff Member Review

In this interactive book, author Dr. Sharie Coombes, who is a child and family Psychotherapist, provides a multitude of opportunities for young people to express their feelings and emotions through writing or artistic activities. The author states right from the beginning that, “we all feel afraid from time to time,” and throughout the book, she provides creative ideas on how children can gain control and reduce their fears. In addition, the author discusses the importance of children reaching out to their parents, caregivers, teachers, counselors, and any other trusted adults in their lives for support and continued encouragement.

This book provides children with a variety of ways in which to express themselves. There are no rules for reading the book; a child can skip sections, and complete the activities at their own pace. This book appears to be designed for a younger audience, such as grade school-aged children but it would also be a helpful resource for children who are chronologically older, but who may be cognitively delayed. If you are looking for a fun, practical, and interactive book, this would be a book to share with the child in your life.


Author: Dr. Sharie Coombes
ISBN: 978-1-61067-861-2
Count: 1
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