Surviving the Storm – The life of a child in foster care


Julia Charles is a twenty-five year old graduate of Bennett College in Greensboro, North Carolina. After many transitions in and out of the child welfare system Julia chose to reshape her experiences into a tool for teaching adults and providing support to other foster youths. As a foster care alumnus, Julia feels she has the responsibility to improve the foster care system and spread a message of hope to young people in foster care.

Julia left the foster care system at age 21. After sixteen placements in ten years, and numerous social workers, Julia has overcome her previously destructive behaviors and is leading a healthy lifestyle. Although her transitions in foster care were not ideal, she is indebted to those few individuals who saw more in her than she could ever see herself.

Her story of overcoming obstacles, finding caring adults, and discovering her resilient qualities will resonate with youths and caregivers alike. Professionals and potential foster and adoptive parents may find support and suggestions for how they choose to make a difference for young people in care. Foster youths will find companionship in her story, ways to embrace their challenges, and find hope for their future.


Author: Julia S. Charles
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