FAW: Talking to the Kids in Your Care About Tough Stuff


“We need to talk.” Do those four words strike fear in your heart? They are usually the signal that a difficult conversation is on its way. Most of us are just not good at discussing potentially painful topics. Unfortunately, we can’t avoid it.

In this issue of Fostering Across Wisconsin, you’ll find information, resources, and tips to help make talking about tough topics with the children and youth in your care less stressful for everyone.

Articles included are entitled:

  • We Need to Talk: What to Expect When You Need to Have Difficult Conversations With the Children in Your Care
  • Preparing Children and Youth in Care for Difficult Questions
  • Connection is Crucial for Healing Conversations
  • Resources from the Coalition

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Author: Wisconsin Foster Care & Adoption Resource Center
Additional Author: Coalition for Children, Youth & Families
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