Robbie’s Trail Through Foster Care


Designed for foster children (ages 5-10), “”Robbie’s Trail through Foster Care”” is part of an educational, dialogue-opening series for kids in out-of-home care. *** This engaging story is about Robbie Rabbit’s journey into foster care. Robbie is removed from his birthmother’s home due to an unsafe environment. In kid terms, the story hints briefly of physical abuse (a caseworker checks Robbie’s back and legs for “”ouchies””) before placing him with foster parents. Robbie meets his new foster family, learns what a foster kid is and experiences some commonplace behaviors as he adjusts to his new life. The ending is intentionally vague: Children don’t know whether Robbie will end up with his mother or whether he’ll ultimately be placed for adoption. *** Unlike most other books for foster children, “”Robbie’s Trail through Foster Care”” is a 72-pg book containing a story (described above) as well as several related children’s activities. Activities cover issues such as control, self-esteem, feelings, anger management & communication.

Author: Adam Robe
Additional Author: Robe Communications, Inc.
ISBN: K6053
Count: 1
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