Everywhere Babies


PreSchool-Young listeners will appreciate this gentle rhyme that portrays babies with their families and friends being drawn into everyday activities. The lilting text recites the eating, sleeping, and leisure habits of a winsome cast of multicultural tykes, but, most of all, it impresses on readers how much they are loved. Expressive, animated pencil-and-watercolor paintings depict a full range of infant motions and emotions that bring this ensemble to life. The clear double-page spreads usually contain one large or several smaller scenes against lots of white space. The facial expressions in several scenes are particularly captivating and endearing. This delightful homage to the youngest among us should be a hit at toddler storytimes, and the book will be great for individual sharing because there is a certain amount of very basic seek-and-find potential fun to be had in poring over the illustrations.

Author: Susan Meyers
Additional Author: Harcourt
ISBN: K6054
Count: 1
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