My Family Is Forever


This thoughtful, straightforward text pairs with cheerful, vivid illustrations to give a reassuring and heartwarming look at one young girl’s adoption journey from start to finish. As she and her new parents come to cherish one another, she finds reassurance in their affection despite the fact that she does not resemble them physically or share the same cultural background. This wonderful book proves that family relationships go much deeper than the surface, and can heal insecurities for children of all ages while encouraging every member of the family to celebrate diversity. Adoptive families who choose to bring a child from another cultural background into their lives will find this book tremendously helpful; families whose cultural diversity comes from another source, such as an intercultural marriage or donor conception, will also find it quite helpful in helping their children embrace diversity. (Paperback, 29 pages, Full Color, 2004, Ages 4-8)

Author: Nancy Carlson
ISBN: 0-670-03650-1
Count: 1
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