It Happened to Me – Adopted: The Ultimate Teen Guide


V4791 Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption -Ms. Rita Soronen, Executive Director “”Adopted: The Ultimate Teen Guide is a comprehensive look at the issues, challenges and joys that youth experience as they make their journey through adoption. The voices of teens provide insight and wisdom and underscore the notion that although families take many forms, the common thread for us all is a need to belong, to be loved and to understand our history as we work to determine our future.”” –Ashley Rhodes-Courter 2004 NACAC Youth Advocate of the Year, 2007 Golden Brick Award Winner, Author – Three Little Words (2008) “”As an adopted teen, I had a lot of unanswered questions about my past and biological family. This wonderful resource will help adopted young adults as they explore their own histories.”” Adopted: The Ultimate Teen Guide enables youngs adults to explore their feelings as they read about the personal experiences of others. Through these stories, adopted teens will realize that other teens share their struggles and concerns and learn how they resolved some of their adoption issues. Especially useful is the section in which various adopted teens ask questions on such topics as why birth parents place their children for adoption, how to “”fit in”” with an adoptive family, how to find birthparents, how to prepare for meeting with birthparents, current laws regarding adoption and the rights of adopted teens, special issues relating to international and transracial adoptions, and the problems teens face when they are adopted by a stepparent. These questions are answered by experienced adoption and legal professionals. Replete with stories, pictures, and artwork, this up-to-date resource will benefit adopted teens so they can move on to stable and happy lives as adults.

Author: Suzanne Buckingham Slade
Additional Author: The Scarecrow Press, Inc.
ISBN: V4791
Count: 1
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