Voices from Another Place


The writings and works contained in this book reflect experiences of Korean adoptees. They are images and words that can never be completely removed from that child in Korea. They are “”voices from another place.”” As the first generation of Korean adoptees became adults, the issues of identity, birth culture, ethnicity and race began to emerge. As they become independent from their adoptive families, established careers, married and had children, many also began to long for clarity and to explore their unique citizenship in a global context, to discover and find peace with the balance of their Korean and adopted nationalities. VOICES FROM ANOTHER PLACE reflects this first generation of Korean adoptees. This diverse collection expresses the unique perspectives and personalities of distinctive individuals. (Paperback, 152 pages, 1999)

Author: Susan Soon-Keum Cox
Additional Author: Yeong & Yeong
ISBN: A2089
Count: 1
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