Why Me?


This first book deals with the trauma a child experiences when becoming a foster child and other sensitive matters such as child safety. The book is designed to help children in foster care cope with their new way of life by answering some of the questions that play so heavily on their hearts, like: Why did this happen to me? What is a Foster Home? How long do I have to stay there? What should I expect of my new Foster Parents? What is expected of me while I’m there? What will life be like in my new home? Learn how to stay “”safe”” in your new home What about my parents? will I get to see them? When do I get to go home? Was any of this my fault? The book helps these children see that they have every right to feel safe and secure, to be happy, and to feel good; to see that they can make new friends, get help from their teachers when needed, and learn to make the best of their new home.

Author: Pamela Jackson
Additional Author: Crismarc Publishing
Count: 1
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