Who’s On Your Circle? A book for kids and adults to build healthier relationships


A book to help children and adults cope with the struggles of the pandemic.

From the author: My hope is that we can all learn to be more in tune with how we are doing throughout our day and what we might need. This book is a simple guide to understanding those needs and letting others know what those needs are. When we can understand more, we might share more. We hope sharing leads to happier and healthier relationships. Expanding a child’s, or for that matter, our own, emotional vocabulary is key to strengthening understanding of one’s self. When we have a broader emotional vocabulary, we can more easily share our feelings with others. When kids are not able to understand their emotions or do not have the right words they often will act out and show us behaviors. However, behaviors are messages, it’s our job to decode these messages and guide their behavior.

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Talking about our feelings is something that we all struggle with. Even adults struggle to understand, name, and express how they are feeling–especially when those feelings are very strong or powerful. What I love about this colorful children’s book is that it offers adults who are caring for children the opportunity to help kids learn to talk about feelings and emotions from a young age. This simple story normalizes the experiences that every child–and every adult–will have at some point, giving them permission to feel, name those feelings, seek comfort, and heal.

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Author: Nicole Milliren
ISBN: 978-1-649-99743-2
Count: 1
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