Welcome to the Foster Lane: Parenting Advice From a Coach Who’s Been There


Parenting is tough. Parenting a child who has experienced trauma can feel insurmountable. “Welcome to the Foster Lane: Parenting Advice from a Coach Who’s Been There” includes tried and true tips that have helped countless parents move from barely surviving to thriving.

Certified Parent Coach Sarah Salisott brings us into her world, showing all parents that they are not alone in their struggles. This easy-to-read book walks you through common challenges that occur when parenting a child in foster care, including true stories from real parents, and offers practical solutions that can be implemented TODAY!

Coalition Staff Member Review

Let me begin with this: I am not a parent. That being said, I am someone who has done and continues to do a lot of work with parents, especially in the foster care, adoption, and kinship care spaces. I have read about and written for this group of caregivers extensively over the past 20 years. It can often be challenging to strike the right tone and balance; experienced without judgment, authoritative without preaching. Author, parent coach, and foster and adoptive parent Sarah Salisott strikes a good balance of all these elements in her book, Welcome to the Foster Lane. As a parent who is walking a similar journey as her clients and readers, her words hold the extra value of lived experience. She not only shares what she has learned from education and training but also first-hand examples of what has (and hasn’t) worked in her own family. This slim volume holds a wealth of tips, strategies, and helpful information for parents on the journey of caring for kids who have experienced trauma.

Welcome to The Foster Lane: Parenting Advice from a Coach Who's Been There: Salisott, Sarah: 9781098352950: Amazon.com: Books

Author: Sarah Salisott
ISBN: 978-1-09835-295-0
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