Two Fingers and the White Guy


The book is an examination of life on an Indian reservation. It is a story of sadness as well as unbridled joy. It is a story of deprivation and bounty. It is a story of love and hate. It is a story of life as witnessed by two friends growing up in a dysfunctional setting. Two-Fingers is a Blackfeet Indian boy and the White Guy is, well, White. It is uniquely written in that it is reality based and the perspectives given are equally weighted from a white viewpoint as well as an Indian viewpoint. At first blush, it is a frivolous, humorous, and meaninglessly entertaining book about two friends finding their way in life. But, if the reader pays attention, there is much, much, more to this story. As you read this book keep this in mind, there are thirteen ways to look at a Blackbird.

Author: Schneider, Steve C
ISBN: M 5615
Count: 1
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