The Sound of Hope: A True Story of an Adoptee’s Quest for her Origins


When children are kept in the dark regarding their origins, nobody wins Only rarely does a memoir come along that taps into the heart of the human condition. The Sound of Hope is such a story, told by Anne Bauer, an adoptee who cannot pretend that she had another life and another family before being adopted.Much of Anne’s childhood was spent wondering about her other mother. She desperately wanted to know where she was, what she looked like and most importantly, why she placed her for adoption. Living in the closed adoption system, her questions were met with a wall of silence. This aura of secrecy only intensified Anne’s quest to eventually discover her own story. Faced with anger and contempt, secrets and revelations, Anne sets out to uncover the truth. This powerful memoir traverses family and relationships and carries the unforgettable message that nobody should be cut off from their origins.

Author: Anne Bauer
ISBN: 978-0-595-52030-5
Count: 1
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