The Courageous Cubs – A story of hope for foster children and children in disrupted homes


The book is a story about two lion cubs that are in foster care. Andy and Omar have mixed emotions and feel they have no choice about their life. At times they are frightened and feel hopeless. The great lion guides them showing the choices they do have! The book is intense, but ends giving Andy and Omar hope of a bright future!

“Is an excellent story to assist counselors in open ended discussions with children who have a history of being abused in either foster or disruptive homes. It can guide the counselor through new avenues of hope and strategies for children in dealing with fears and anger in these situations”–Jim Mills, MA, NCSP, School Psychologist
(Foster care/Emotions/44 pages/2011)

Author: Patty Wright Klingensmith (Grandma Patty)
ISBN: 978-1453876015
Count: 1
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