Positive Parenting 3


Time Out, Privilege Removal and Extra Chores. While it is important to keep parenting positive and maintain a positive atmosphere in the home, sometimes children’s behavior can become quite negative, difficult, and even out of control. This course focuses on three approaches to handling situations that have turned negative: time-out, privilege removal, and extra chores. In Positive Parenting 3, Dr. Rick Delaney demonstrates how to combine demands and responsiveness — a winning approach when handling discipline problems. Learn how to make reasonable, clear demands on your child while listening to their input and being responsive to their needs, abilities and limitations. A booklet of three reproducible handouts is included in this course: Time-Out, Removing Privileges, and Extra Chores. Running time 30-45 minutes, 2006 Includes: 1 Interactive DVD, Discussion Guide, Reproducible Handouts and reproducible questionnaire

Author: Dr Rick Delaney
Additional Author: Northwest Media, Inc.
ISBN: O7061
Count: 1
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