Parents Wanted


Andy Ffleck doesn’t have much of a family. His dad has been in jail since Andy was ten and his mother gave hin up to the state as “”too hard to handle””. A kid with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Andy has learned one set of rules from his birth dad (how not to get caught) and another from the kids at the state run home (how to manipulate adults). Placed with adoptive parents Jeff and Laurie, he has a chance to escape his past. But he can’t keep himself from challenging every limit that is set. He plays “”mailbox baseball: with Jeff’s Ted Williams bat, eats worms, gets in trouble at school and when his birth dad shows up looking for money, steals Jeff’s wallet. Despite his antics, it’s easy to see that Andy is a good kid dealing with his own tangle of emotions. And so far his adoptive parents have refused to give up on him. But will he go to far? 2001

Author: George Harrar
Additional Author: Milkweed
ISBN: K6000
Count: 1
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