Now We Are One


More than 20,000 children immigrate to the United States each year to begin a new life with adoptive parents. Most are quite young–less than a year old–and nine out of 10 have not yet reached their fourth birthday. Now We Are One is a photographic essay of 15 Cincinnati families who have found joy from international adoption. Immigrating from all parts of the globe–Africa, South Korea, Gautemala, China, India, Hong Kong, and Russia–the story of each child shows that genetics mean little, and love means a lot. Through touching essays by former Cinicinnati Post columnist David Wecker, and filled with powerful photographs by Cincinnati photographer Michael Wilson, Now We Are One captures the warmth and love that bind each family together. Coming from wildly different backgrounds and remarkable circumstances, these children have found roles as sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters, as well as comedians, competitors, soccer players, smart-alecks, singers, peacemakers, artists, and caretakers–all the things that, given the chance, most kids do become, all in the process of becoming part of something larger than themselves. As Marguerite Gieseke, who writes the book’s foreword, notes, “”In recent years, international adoption by celebrities–while admirable in itself–has become tabloid fodder and created a circus atmosphere that misrepresents reality for thousands of ordinary families.”” Now We Are One seeks to restore a peaceful atmosphere by showing the simple, remarkably ordinary ways these amazing children have become vital members of their families. Each page reveals the simplistic and beautiful ways they go from being little faces no one notices to becoming absolutely indispensable.

Author: David Wecker
Additional Author: Orange Frazer Publisher
ISBN: A5628
Count: 1
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