Mom, Dad, Come Back Soon


When Tyler’s mom and dad go away for a few days, he gets to stay at his best friend Cindy’s house. Tyler and Cindy play all their favorite games together, and Tyler likes the sailboat in Cindy’s bathtub and the hot cocoa before bedtime. But sometimes he misses his own home and his own parents. With a little help from everyone, he finds ways to get through his “missing” feelings. And by the time Mom and Dad return, he is feeling all the pride and joy that can come with this new growing-up experience.

Mom, Dad, Come Back Soon contains an extensive afterword by psychologist Jane Annunziata that helps parents understand what their children are facing and suggests many practical coping techniques for use before, during, and after brief separations.

Author: Debra Pappas
Additional Author: Carol Koeller
ISBN: 1-55798-799-8
Count: 1
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