Mismatched Alexander


Mismatched Alexander touches on a well-understood topic, our collective desire to fit in. Alexander is a bright and colorful tree frog, born in a pond with only green frogs. He clearly doesn’t fit in. This is really hard for him, not the least because his peers tease him about his looks.

Alexander is not convinced of his own worth until he receives some advice from an old and much wiser frog. In a pivotal moment of the story, Alexander finally realizes that, “it’s OK to be me.” This realization leads him on a path to discover something truly wonderful.

Mismatched Alexander has a positive message for children and adults alike. We are all special and unique and that’s a good thing. Our differences should be celebrated!

Author: Isaac Andres
Additional Author: Alexander T. Lee
ISBN: 978-0-9843922-5-4
Count: 1
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