Just for Now – Kids and the people of the court


What is CPS? What’s a court appointed special advocate? What is a judge? Why do I need a lawyer? What’s a foster parent? How long will I be here? When can I go home? Will I have to go to court? Is Mom in trouble?

This book answers all these questions, and more in an entertaining story about an unforgettable group of foster kids who befriend each other and an abandoned stray named Spud.

Published by Child Advocates, Inc., this book is a landmark collaborative writing project. More than 250 professional and volunteer advocates for children participated as creative contributors to a storyline generated by Kathleen Burke. The result is an informational picture book that will delight and inform interested readers of all ages.

Author: Kimberly Morris
Additional Author: Staff and Volunteers of Child Advocates, Inc.
ISBN: 0-9754953-9-9
Count: 1
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