Home and Other Big Fat Lies


Whitney has been in some many foster homes that she can give anyone a complete rundown on the most common varieties of foster parents a kid is likely to come across – from the look on the bright side types to those unfortunate examples of pure evil. But one thing she doesn’t know much of anything about is trees. This means that heading for Foster Home #12 (which is all the way at the top of the map of California, where there looks to be nothing but trees) has Whitney feeling a little nervous. The social workers can babble all they want about fresh air and open space, but Whitney is pretty sure that the middle of nowhere is going to be just one more place where a hyper, loundmouth kid who is messy and small for her age won’t be welcome for long.

Author: Jill Wolfson
Additional Author: Henry Holt and Company
ISBN: F5096
Count: 1
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