Helping Parents Help Their Kids


(Paperback, 204 pages)
Helping Parents Help Their Kids is a clinical guide for mental health clinicians who provide services to families who have children with behavior problems. This book provides three ways to address clinical issues in designing and implementing child behavor management plans including a general behavioral consultation model, a specific behavioral model and an empirically tested advice package for multiple problems that can occur in different family contexts. Each chapter provides early research on a specific strategy in non-technical terms for parents as well as clinicians. In addition to the research, the author provides several forms to use in a clinical environment. Because the information is presented in an easy-to-read, user-friendly format, it is well suited for parents. The author explains to parents how they can learn specific strategies to deal with child problems that they face on a daily basis such as school problems, disruptive behavior, and problems that occur during shopping trips andeating out at restaurants. Overall, Helping Parents Help Their Kids is a wonderful hands-on guide that will help both clinicians and parents work effectively and successfully with child behavioral problems.

Author: Ennio Cipani
ISBN: O-87630-952-X
Count: 1
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