Guardian Shift – Encouragement & Inspiration for Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles & Anyone Raising Other People’s Children


This shift affects nearly 8 million children in the USA currently. Guardian Shift will provide the platform for building awareness for this highly over-looked form of parenting. It delivers the much needed encouragement grandparents, aunts, uncles, and ANYONE raising other people’s children need. While digging into the pages of Guardian Shift you will find tips and helps that you can apply to everyday life. In the Foreword you will hear from Dr. Laura W. Boyd, Ph.D., a national child welfare consultant who is working on both state and federal levels to create policy to help those raising other people’s children. Guardian Shift addresses the emotional struggles and battles guardians deal with daily from other family members and the children in their care. Discover strategies to deal with the adjustment issues in a successful manner. Guardian Shift is also a great resource for all those friends and family members who are your direct support people. Guardian Shift shares real life stories from very young guardians to grandparents who are active in raising a second family in their golden years. You will read about adults who were raised in guardianship and hear how it impacted their lives forever. Guardian Shift will help you in developing a focus on the future. Find strategies to help you finish well. It will assist you in charting a course which can be put into an action plan navigating to the finish line. Guardian Shift encourages guardian parent and child alike to spend time developing family values and goals. Discover an emphasis on helping your child to raise the bar on decision making, bringing about better choices which leads to brighter tomorrows!

(paperback, 298 pages, 2016)

Guardian Shift: Encouragement & Inspiration For Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles & Anyone Raising Other People's Children

Author: Scott Amaral
ISBN: 9781627472975
Count: 1
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