Forever Child: A Tale of Anger & Fear, The


This is a tale about a young boy named Jean Paul. He was abandoned at a tender age by uncaring relatives after his parents had died from hunger and cold. He lives alone, deep in a forest in France, depending on no one else to meet his needs.
One day, while hunting for food, Jean Paul is captured by wandering thieves and sold to some kindly villagers with good intentions. Imagine their surprise when they discover he is a snarling and ferocious creature; more animal than boy. Will there be someone who can help Jean Paul learn to be good? Will there be a family who can love him in spite of his terrible ways? Find out what happens to this angry and frightened young boy and to the well-meaning villagers who try to save him.

The tale reflects the joys and pitfalls of adopting or fostering a child with a history of early trauma. It is accompanied by a parenting guide that provides practical step-by-step help in assisting families to work through their child’s negative behaviors to achieve more positive ones.
(27 pages/ 2003)

Author: Nancy A. Clark
ISBN: 0-9726830-2-X
Count: 1
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