Dear Adoptive Parents, Things you need to know right now!


Adoption is how you came to be a family- not a parenting style. Be the parent you are meant to be- the parent your child needs you to be, today. Adoptee, author, speaker, blogger and mommy, Madeleine Melcher is a breath of fresh air in a climate of negativity. Melcher’s piece, What an Adoptee Wants You to Know About Adoption, garnered over 87-thousand likes on The Huffington Post for just that reason. Melcher is honest and full of candor, regarding the realities of adoption and what that means to your parenting. You may be surprised at what you read! Her message has been described by parents who have adopted as, “life-giving”! (90 pages, 2015)

Author: Madeleine Melcher
ISBN: 9781518706066
Count: 1
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