Choosing Joi – An Adoptee’s Journey and Finding Belonging


When Joi sees yet ANOTHER bad movie on TV about an adoptee, she decides that it’s time for her to tell the story about her adoption. The perfect opportunity comes at school when her group is asked to do a play about “Family.” But standing up for your truth, and fighting the world’s image of you, is tough to do all by yourself, and Joi soon feels discouraged when her idea is shot down. Things change when new boy Elijah arrives, and Joi finds out they have something unique in common. Can Joi fix their friendship when it is tested and stay true to herself?

(paperback, 31 pages, 2021)

Choosing Joi: An Adoptee's Journey and Finding Belonging

Author: Joi R. Fisher-Griffin
ISBN: 978-1-7336314-1-9
Count: 1
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