Chill and Spill


Chill & Spill is a therapeutic guided journal designed to help people (ages 10+) articulate and transform difficult issues they are dealing with. It offers a combination of 20 creative writing and artistic expression activities with enough blank pages to explore both head and heart and to talk, yell, cry, boast, dream and evolve.Chill & Spill was created with the support and counsel of psychologists, art therapists and Child Life Specialists in order to become an excellent and meaningful therapeutic resource to reach youth in need of additional emotional support. The end audience is encouraged to utilize their imaginations and explore their answers in the journal, which is a balance of printed and blank pages. The book is useful for various populations including kids affected by stressors such as illness, death, abuse, divorce, homelessness, PTSD, etc. The journal will help them convey both their suffering and their strength, facilitating the healing process and promoting coping and positive adjustment skills.

Author: Lorig, Staffanie, Jacobs, Jeanean
Additional Author: Art With Heart Press
ISBN: L3298
Count: 1
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