Celebration of Caregiving (A), Portraits and Stories


People are living longer with physical and mental disabilities and that is a direct result of extraordinary success in medicine and public health. Confronting the question of what quality of life these “survivor-nauts” of the new century are going to have in our communities is what “A Celebrationof Caregiving” is all about.

The creation and support of collaborative caregiving relationships is a tough challenge constrained by myths and fears about what caregiving is. Rather than a sign of a loss of independende, caregiving is in fact the best indicator of how much a community values independence. The faces and relationships profiled in this book are not of people tragically trapped in unfortunate circumstances waiting to die. The portraits and stories are battlefields in a new war of liberation in AMerica. If tehse faces are any indication, it is a war we have the capacity to win.

Caregivers are the foot soldiers of a new humanity. The people they liberate are the new voices of independence built on love and a reverence for sustaining a quality of life. There can be no more important cause. -John Hockenberry

Author: John Hughes, Joe Shapiro, Mary-Liz Shaw & Crocker Stephenson
ISBN: 978-0-9794997-0-8
Count: 1
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