Born for Love: Why Empathy is Essential and Endangered


An inside look at the power of empathy: Born for Love is an unprecedented exploration of how and why the brain learns to bond with others—and a stirring call to protect our children from new threats to their capacity to love From birth, when babies’ fingers instinctively cling to those of adults, their bodies and brains seek an intimate connection, a bond made possible by empathy—the ability to love and to share the feelings of others. In this provocative book, renowned child psychiatrist Bruce D. Perry and award-winning science journalist Maia Szalavitz interweave research and stories from Perry’s practice with cutting-edge scientific studies and historical examples to explain how empathy develops, why it is essential for our development into healthy adults, and how it is threatened in the modern world. Perry and Szalavitz show that compassion underlies the qualities that make society work—trust, altruism, collaboration, love, charity—and how difficulties related to empathy are key factors in social problems such as war, crime, racism, and mental illness. Even physical health, from infectious diseases to heart attacks, is deeply affected by our human connections to one another. As Born for Love reveals, recent changes in technology, child-rearing practices, education, and lifestyles are starting to rob children of necessary human contact and deep relationships—the essential foundation for empathy and a caring, healthy society. Sounding an important warning bell, Born for Love offers practical ideas for combating the negative influences of modern life and fostering positive social change to benefit us all. (Paperback, 374 pages)

Coalition Staff Member Review

This book is a must-read for those touched by foster care or adoption. It gives insight into how and why children (and adults as well) react to every day and life-changing events in their lives. It provides us hope and realistic expectations for those touched by trauma. Those of us that are a part of the world of fostering/adoption often wonder why. Dr. Perry has real-life examples that help the reader understand the “why.” Whether it’s a child who’s been through this experience or the parents and case managers trying to help a child heal, this is a truly valuable resource about why empathy is critically important to us all, how empathy allows us to make social connections, and the power of human relationships to both heal and harm.
This is also a great read for teachers, doctors, friends, therapists, and family members. We are all Born for Love, and there is healing that can happen for us.
Author: Bruce D. Perry, MD, PhD
Additional Author: Harper
ISBN: M5575
Count: 1
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