Billy Had to Move – A Foster Care Story


Child Protection Services have been involved with Billy and his mother for some time now. He has been happily settled in a kinship placement with his grandmother and enjoys his pet cat, interacting with neighbors and even taking piano lessons. As the story unfolds, Billy’s grandmother has unexpectedly passed away and so the story of Billy Had To Move begins.

Unfortunately, Billy’s mother cannot be located. Mr. Murphy, Billy’s social worker, places him in the foster home of Amy, Tim, and their baby “Colly.” Billy experiences great loss resulting not only from his grandmother’s death, but also the loss of the life he knew. Billy’s inner journey therefore has also begun and with the help of Ms. Woods, a Play Therapist, there is hope.
(Juvenile Literature/Family/Orphans/Foster Care/32 pages/2011)

Author: Theresa Ann Fraser, CYW, B.A.
ISBN: 978-1-932690-87-3
Count: 1
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