ADHD: A Path to Success


Most books on adhd rehash the same worn out theories and treatments. Instead, ADHD: A Path to Success offers a new perspective on ADHD that makes sense with your own personal experience. – it is not a deficit, defect or neurological disorder.

– it is a highly refined, short-term coping skill that backfires.

– takes it out of the realm of medical mystery and psychobabble.

– describes a new, no drug, no diet, no nonsense, patented treatment technology.

You can only help your child when you understand their experience through their eyes. The engaging story of Dr. Weathers personal struggle and conquest of attention deficit disorder is chronicled. He explains your child’s experience of attention deficit disorder as they live it, rather than how adults think about it. Once you understand attention deficit disorder from your child’s point of view, you have taken an essential step to helping him solve his problem. Instead of just seeing attention deficit disorder as a problem you will learn how it “works” for your child. It makes his life easier on the moment to moment basis, even though it causes problems in the long run. With this new perspective you can look at your child’s behavior in a more positive light and react in a more helpful manner. It is easy reading designed for parents as well as professionals. Many case studies and concrete examples of effective strategies are provided.

Author: Lawrence Weathers, Ph.D.
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