Lesbian and Gay Foster and Adoptive Parents


Lesbian and Gay Foster and Adoptive Parents: Recruiting, Assessing and Supporting an Untapped resource for Children and Youth. Six to ten million children of lesbian, gay, and bisexual parents currently live in the United States, and one-third of lesbian households and one-fifth of gay male households have children. Despite this, some social welfare workers view gay and lesbian people as a last resort in family placement. Although a growing number of lesbians and gay men are applying to adopt and foster children, they remain an underused resource because of stereotypes, prejudices, and legislation that make it difficult for gays and lesbians to foster or adopt. With a national shortfall of adoptive and foster placements, agencies need to encourage lesbian and gay applicants to come forward in support of children in need. This book explores the myths and prejudices that influence attitudes towards lesbians and gay men as parents, and explores ways for social workers to provide more effective support for lesbian and gay adopters and foster parents once they have been matched with a child or youth. (Hardcover, 144 pages, 2006)

Author: Gerald Mallon
Additional Author: Child Welfare League of America
ISBN: M5553
Count: 1
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