Jimmy Jammers


Tommy has outgrown his favorite pajamas, his Jimmy Jammers. Where will he find a new pair? This dilemma leads to an imaginative search. Tommy takes his clues as to where to hunt for new pajamas from the way the words “”Jimmy”” and “”Jammers”” sound to his young ears. Witty wordplay guides Tommy’s journey to a jam shop, a gem of a jewelry boutique, and a banner-making store. Unsuccessful in his search, Tommy hits upon a plan of his own. This scheme involves a pair of scissors and a little bit of mischief. A clever solution comes from Tommy’s trusty Gramma. Full text translation in both English and Spanish. Keyword vocabulary page at the end of book. Age 5 – 8. February 2003. 32 pages.

Author: Kevin Brennan
Additional Author: Raven Tree Press
ISBN: K6022
Count: 1
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