Why Are You My Mother?, A mother’s response to her adopted daughter


A young girl is being adopted out of foster care! But she’s wary of this new stranger in her life – this woman who is to be called Mother. “Why are you my mother?” asks the child. “I just met you.” Why Are You My Mother? shares the woman’s response to the child’s logical and life-altering question. It expresses, with heartfelt honesty, how she feels about the child, acknowledges that life hasn’t been easy for her, promises that she’ll love her unconditionally, and presents hope for the future.

Parents adopting a child out of the child welfare system will find a resource in Why Are You My Mother? This book aims to express the sentiments felt by many foster-to-adopt parents who are faced with making the transition from Mr. and Mrs. Stranger to Mom and Dad. Sharing Why Are You My Mother? with your child can provide gentle reassurances of your forever love.

The story of Why Are You My Mother? is told through soothing text and welcoming illustrations that draw a young child into a world of love and change. The family, standing at the threshold of their lives together, is guided by a whimsical family of smiling flowers to support their efforts and hopes. In this way, the sometimes harsh reality of foster care blooms into the tender promises of new beginnings. As words of comfort are read, children will be both encouraged and entertained by the joyful faces smiling up at them from every page.
Soft cover, 16 pages.

Author: Deborah Hamilton
ISBN: 978-0-9789202-0-3
Count: 1
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