Truly Yours – Wise words on the miracle of adoption


This elegant collection of ideas about adoption presents the thoughts of our great thinkers, reveals the truths found in our literature, and offers inspiration from our most eloquent teachers and leaders on the rich subject of adoption. With messages of hope from parents in the midst of the process and meaningful insights from adopted sons, daughters, and birth parents, you will laugh, cry, and cheer this profound act of unconditional love. From the Old Testament to Jamie Lee Curtis, from NPR’s Scott Simon to the NFL’s Michael Oher, TRULY YOURS is a celebration of family, a toast to all who are touched by the incredible gift of adopting a child. Here is a volume to be treasured, shared, and embraced, a book to be truly yours.
(94 pages/2013)

Author: Laura Dail
ISBN: 9781482651416
Count: 1
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