Trauma Intervention Program


The TLC Trauma Intervention Program (TIP) was developed and written by TLC Founder, William Steele, PsyD, MSW. TIP is a program of TLC’s Structured Sensory Interventions for Traumatized Children, Adolescents and ParentsĀ® (SITCAP). It includes three separate sections with interventions for 1) children, 2) adolescents, and 3) adults/parents. Each section contains 8 sessions of age-appropriate interventions.
The TIP program provides a structured format that is consistent throughout all sessions and easily adapted to both violent and non-violent traumatic experiences. The workbooks contain activity worksheets that use both cognitive and psychomotor activities. Workbook activities target specific common trauma reactions. Resource materials are included to help to educate parents about the differences between grief and trauma and also explain the kinds of interventions their child will receive. Additional supportive interventions for use with specific reactions are included. Assessment tools are designed to identify trauma-specific reactions by frequency of occurrence and the diagnostic sub-categories. The combined psycho-educational format is appropriate for both school and clinical settings. Although this intervention program was written for professionals who work with individuals, it can easily be adapted to work with groups.

Included in the TIP program:
248 page Intervention Manual for Children, Adolescents and Parents
42 page Children’s Workbook
42 page Adolescent’s Workbook
37 page Parent’s Trauma Response Workbook
You are Not Alone booklet
A Trauma is Like No Other Experience booklet
What Parents Need to Know booklet

For children 6-12 years old
For adolescents 13-18 years old
For adults/parents of a traumatized child

Author: William Steele
ISBN: 193131002.5 +
Count: 1
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