The Artist and the Architect


There is room for both the architect and the artist in the Emperor’s kingdom for a time, but eventually competitiveness impels the artist to concoct a scheme to eliminate his rival. He writes a letter that he claims is from the Emperor’s dead father. When the Emperor asks the artist to help him interpret the “strange decorations and mystic writing,” the artist explains that the Emperor is to send the architect to heaven to design a palace. The Emperor would comply, but the wily architect devises his own plan for revenge and escapes a fiery death. Once again Demi ( The Empty Pot ; The Magic Boat ) captivatingly presents a Chinese folktale with just enough text to tell the story and keep the interest of her young readers. Rendered in vibrant reds,stet comma and pale blues and yellows, her illustrations feature finely detailed buildings and costumes, all the while retaining a fresh, clean look. (Ages 4-8, 1991)

Author: Demi
ISBN: 0-8050-1580-9
Count: 1
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