Story of David, (The)


The Story of David is the story of Dion and Carey Howells, a couple desperate for a child. It is also the story of Nancy, a teenager who became pregnant from a date rape and knew she couldn’t keep her baby, but also knew that she wanted to maintain some contact with him throughout his life. And ultimately, it is the story of David, an adopted child who will never have to ask the question “Where did I come from?” Who will never wonder who his “real” mother is, and how he came to be the son of Carey and Dion Howells.

When Dion and Carey met Nancy, a bond formed among the three, a bond that ultimately helped all of them get through the difficult times ahead: when, after David’s birth, Nancy almost changed her mind about the adoption; when she went into a devastating postpartum depression; and when she went to see David for the first time after his birth. All along, despite advice to the contrary, Dion, Carey, Nancy, and David worked together to form a new kind of family–one where love is unlimited and David will always know who he is, where he came from, and where he belongs.

This extraordinarily moving account combines the two most emotional crises for any would-be parent–the search for a child to love and a young woman’s need to relinquish her own child to better his life. It is at once a family’s inspiring personal story, an unforgettable human drama, and a compelling argument for open adoption. (1997)

Author: Dion Howells
ISBN: 0-385-31886-3
Count: 1
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