Secret of Me


Being adopted is a fact of life in the McLane household: fourteen year old Lizzie as well as her older brother and sister were adopted as infants. But facts are not feelings, and what it feels like to be adopted is something Lizzie never dares open discuss with her loving parents, let along with outsiders. To make sense of her life, Lizzie pours her emotions into her poetry – list poems, sonnets, free verse, blues, sestinas about her family, best friends, basketball, the dance and her crush on Peter. Most of the time, her writing keeps the monster at bay, the one who lurks inside “”the broken place”” whispering that she’s damaged goods…a mistake before she was born. (2005)

Author: Kearney, Meg
Additional Author: Persea Books
ISBN: 0-89255-322-7
Count: 1
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