No Matter What – A Foster Care Tale


Josh was a squirrel without a squirrel family, so other families tried to take him in. Between the pelicans, the leopards, the otters, the snakes, and many more, no one seemed to want a squirrel like him. Josh didn’t want a family, either. He did everything he could to scare those families away first, but the elephants weren’t like other families. The elephants were very large and very patient, and they wanted Josh to be part of their family today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. From award-winning motivational speaker and best-selling author Josh Shipp comes a mostly autobiographical tale about finding home. With hilarious illustrations and a heartwarming message, No Matter What is sure to have your own family laughing out loud and holding each other tight.

Author: Josh Shipp
Additional Author: David Tieche
ISBN: 978-1-64170-253-9
Count: 1
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