My Foster Care Journey


This book is an easy to use lifebook for foster children. What a wonderful way for a child to record and remember the events before he or she was adopted or reunited with the birth family. There are fill-in-the-blank pages to record information about birthparents, foster care (with room for multiple placements), adoption or reunification memories, and about yourself. Pages that are not relevant can easily be removed. In addition, this book contains a simple explanation of the whys and hows of foster care. Every child passing through placement deserves the gift of MY FOSTER CARE JOURNEY. These lifebooks address family diversity, appeal to children with a variety of goals in foster care, and are appropriate for children with all types of adoptive and foster parents. Social workers and other professionals may find these lifebooks useful as therapeutic workbooks; in addition to being extremely easy for children ages 1 through 8 to use, these coil-bound books are affordable for practically every organization, and meet new federal mandates for foster care lifebooks required by some states.

Author: Beth O'Malley
Additional Author: Adoption Works
ISBN: L3278
Count: 1
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