Mother for Choco (A)


Choco, a young bird living all alone in the forest, wants desperately to find his mother. At first he feels sure that she must look precisely like him, and searches for an older bird with the same yellow feathers, round cheeks, graceful wings, and striped feet. However, all the animals he meets differ greatly in appearance from him, and he must look deeper to find the true meaning of love and family. Mrs. Bear, who looks nothing like Choco, turns out to be the perfect mother for him. Unlike the other animals, she demonstrates tremendous affection for Choco, sharing hugs, songs, and laughter with him as the two open their hearts to one another and come to love one another. By the end of the book, Choco realizes that family and love are more than skin deep, and that Mrs. Bear is the mother he always wanted. 32 pages, color, 1992, ages 2 to 8)

Author: Keiko Kasza
Additional Author: Putnam Juvenile
ISBN: 0-399-21841-6
Count: 1
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