Love Me, Feed Me – The adoptive parent’s guide to ending the worry about weight, picky eating, power struggles and more


Love Me, Feed Me is a relationship-building, practical guide to help fostering and adoptive families enjoy family meals and raise children who eat a variety of foods and grow to have the body that is right for them. Grounded in science, but made real with the often heart-breaking and inspiring words of parents who have been there, Dr. Katja Rowell helps readers understand and address feeding challenges, from simple picky eating to entrenched food obsession, oral motor and developmental delays, feeding clinic failures, and more. Though written primarily for the adoptive and fostering audience, Rowell, aka, the Feeding Doctor, shares that her clients are more alike than different. This book is a distillation of the advice and support I provide all my families as they transform a troubled feeding relationship into a healthy one, and bring peace and joy back to the family table.

Author: Katja Rowell, MD
ISBN: 9780615691312
Count: 1
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