I am Chosen: A Book All About Me


I Am Chosen: Adoption Lifebook Popular adoption lifebook for one & two parent families I am Chosen is a memory scrapbook especially designed to work with all the many domestic and international adoption options – including older children and sibling groups and all nationalities. Questions help focus the writer through each section. There’s plenty of room for the free flow of thoughts and feelings – and precious photos. Divided into 3 sections: ABOUT ME This is you anticipation first greetings choosing a name across the world language the trip to you more of your country place for photos how you grew health record dental record making a mark MY FAMILY here’s mom here’s dad family trees for mom and dad siblings birthparents special relatives family photos in your honor MILESTONES in the news birthdays holidays little victories off to school funny things you said more photos blank pages Check out these sample pages – click the image for a close-up look MORE DETAILS: 10-1/4″” X 11-1/2″”, 1-3/4″” inch binder Archival quality, sturdy, acid-free paper for a lifetime of memories 44 fill-in pages, 10 blank pages, and 2 vinyl sleeves for documents and photos Suitable for one and two parent families – just remove the pages that aren’t applicable to your family

Author: Jennie Lodien
ISBN: 3289
Count: 1
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