Happily Married For A Lifetime


Happily Married for a Lifetime is a book that contains valuable information on staying happily married. It gives you tested strategies for anticipating and solving problems-before they destroy your marriage. Here are just a few of the things you will learn in Happily Married for a Lifetime: * How to establish a Positive Vision for your marriage * Nine ways successful couples express their love daily * How to forgive heartbreak and pain * The single myth that can torpedo your marriage * Taming the money monster * The secret of How we stay in Love * Putting the passion back in your sex life * Is your spouse still in love with you? * Is your marriage prepared to survive a crisis? * The ten commandments of a Happy Marriage * The key to solving all marital conflict * Why people resist marriage counseling * What to do if your spouse is addicted to alcohol of drugs

Author: Koenig, Larry
Additional Author: Smart Family Press
ISBN: V4775
Count: 1
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