Battle-Weary Parents

In the midst of the storm, when it rains, it pours. Sometimes the only way to survive is to drop your umbrella and dance in the rain. 

From the moment a child enters our life, parenting is a tough job. It’s even harder when a child is struggling with difficult behaviors–defiance, rejection, running away, drug addiction, sexual misconduct, criminal activity, attachment issues, rage and beyond. Parenting a child in crisis leaves parents worn out from exhaustion, frustration and fear.

God doesn’t leave us, even in the midst of our fears, failures and fatigue. In this powerful second book in the Ready or Not Series, you will be encouraged and challenged as a battle-weary parent. Ready or Not for Battle-Weary Parents is an essential tool for anyone struggling to walk with their kids through difficulties.In this biblically-centered and straight-forward book, Pam Parish helps parents to:

  • Reexamine their expectations for parenting children from hard places.
  • Discuss their fears and concerns with their spouses, friends, and small groups.
  • Explore fear and frustration through the eyes of grace and truth.
  • Rediscover the foundations of faith when parenting a child who seems lost.
  • Find hope in loving their children unconditionally while knowing they are not alone in this journey.
Author: Pam Parish
ISBN: 9780996492898
Count: 1
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