131 Creative Strategies for Reaching Children with Anger Problems


This practical guide is full of insight, techniques and activities for managing and helping chronically angry children and ODD children. It provides teachers, counselors, parents and other professionals with numerous helpful strategies for dealing with the challenges they face when attempting to reach and help these children. Featuring roadblocks to anger management and “”131 Creative Strategies,”” including 24 Reproducible skill sheets, These useful strategies are divided into 4 different levels of intensity. Tips for parents are also included. (Grades K-8) – Level 1: Mild Anger (Strategies 1-32) – Level 2: More Challenging Anger (Strategies 33-65) – Level 3: Extreme Anger (Strategies 66-108) – Level 4: When Nothing Else Works (Strategies 109-130) – Tips for Parents (Strategy 131)

Author: Tom Carr, M.S., L.P.C.
Additional Author: YouthLight, Inc.
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