The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Adoption


So you’ve made the decision to adopt. What’s next? For starters, how do you know whether domestic or international adoption is right for you? (And what are the real differences between the two?) Adoption insider Elizabeth Swire Falker answers these questions and many more. As an attorney who practices in the area of adoption and has worked with hundreds of families, and as an adoptive parent herself, she offers expert advice on each stage of the process. This comprehensive, accessible guide leads you with confidence through every decision you’ll have to make-including the ones that you’d never know to expect. Complete with checklists, tips, sidebars, and plenty of counterintuitive advice, it shows you how to:
Identify which adoption experts you do and don’t need
Find the right birth mother or choose the right country for your family-and how to spot red flags in potential situations
Select an attorney or agency and prepare for your home visit
Finance an adoption on a budget, manage the red tape, and get around the roadblocks
Navigate all of the complex emotions that surface along the way. .
With Elizabeth Swire Falker’s warm yet been-there-done-that voice, THE ULTIMATE INSIDER’S GUIDE TO ADOPTION is sure to become a tried-and-true resource for adoptive parents everywhere.

Author: Elizabeth Swire Falker
ISBN: 978-0-446-69730-9
Count: 1
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