Never Too Broken – Embracing Transparency to Build Authentic Relationships


Many who follow Jesus, in an attempt to be accessible to current culture, have forgotten to expose their brokenness and fully embrace transparency. It is time to authentically share our fears, sin, and growth areas so we can walk alongside others and put on display the work God has done in us. As we anticipate that others are broken and valuable, we can offer them intentional accountability as an extension of love. As we adjust the way we see brokenness, embrace God’s heart, and practice restoration, we can create authentic relationships where healing can become a reality.

You are loved.

You have value.

You are not defined by your brokenness.

You are defined by God.

(2023, paperback, 417 pages, Christian spiritual growth)

Author: Jill Ng
ISBN: 9798365 952751
Count: 1
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